Get this ingenious color sensor for 40 percent off

[ad_1] They say inspiration can come from anywhere, and that’s especially true with the Nix Mini Color Sensor. It’s essentially a real-world eyedropper tool, and with this remarkable little device in your pocket, whenever you see a color out in the world that you like, you can identify it immediately. The Nix Mini is a sophisticated pieceRead More

Common charging port: Govt body chalks out USB Type-C quality standards for India | Technology News

[ad_1] New Delhi: As the government plans to introduce two common types of charging ports for mobiles and wearable electronic devices, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has come out with quality standards for USB Type-C charging port, according to a senior consumer affairs ministry official. In the interest of consumers and to reduce e-waste, theRead More

Brain-eating amoeba: First death reported in South Korea

[ad_1] SEOUL: The first infection from Naegleria fowleri, or “brain-eating amoeba,” has been reported in South Korea, the health authorities said on Monday.The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) confirmed that a Korean national who died after returning from Thailand was infected with Naegleria fowleri, which destroys human brains.The man in his 50s cameRead More

Here’s What’s Next for Pig Organ Transplants

[ad_1] Starting in the 1960s, doctors attempted transplants of kidneys, hearts, and livers from baboons and chimpanzees—humans’ closest genetic relatives—into people. But the organs failed within weeks, if not days, due to rejection or infection. These efforts were largely abandoned after “Baby Fae,” an infant with a fatal heart condition, died within a month ofRead More

The 12 Best Books of 2022

[ad_1] Chaos reigned this year. Russia invaded Ukraine, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, Elon Musk remade Twitter in his erratic image, mass shooters continued to terrorize the United States, civil rights protests swept Iran, Queen Elizabeth died, Bolsanaro got the boot in Brazil, boards were buttered, crypto crumbled,Read More

AI Is Now Essential National Infrastructure

[ad_1] Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, with projects like OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, Google’s MINERVA, and DeepMind’s Gato all pushing new technological boundaries. Until now, national governments have been slow to adopt this cutting-edge technology. In 2023, however, the opportunities to provide effective, targeted, and affordable services to citizens will prompt them to finally embrace AI,Read More

This Year’s Epic Fantasy Face-Off Had No Winners

[ad_1] Tuning into Amazon’s J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power this summer kind of felt like boarding a yacht, or walking into a Four Seasons. This looks expensive, you could all but hear folks say as Galadriel traipsed across some corner of Middle-earth. Fanciness dripped off of every castle wall and humble undergroundRead More

The Most Dangerous People on the Internet in 2022

[ad_1] Russian soldiers poured into Ukraine, accompanied by a wave of cyberattacks across the country. A major cryptocurrency exchange imploded and declared bankruptcy, vaporizing billions of dollars from that digital economy. The once-biggest dark-web drug market—after being demolished by law enforcement—clawed back to the top of the online underworld after doggedly resurrecting itself. It’s notRead More

Digital Health Tools Need a New Benchmark

[ad_1] During the Covid-19 pandemic, digital health technologies transformed the way that many of us received health care, supercharging the uptake of digital tools such as telehealth platforms, mobile symptom trackers, and remote monitoring. However, the whole-scale adoption and impact of digital health technology in national health systems around the world has still not yetRead More

The 10 Best Web Series and TV Shows of 2022

[ad_1] What are the best web series and TV shows of 2022? My list last year was dominated by genre-evolving comedies. But in 2022, it seems proper drama hit back. Most of my favourites below are dramas — there are dramas about dragons, dramas about spiralling chefs, dramas about spiralling stars, dramas about spiralling officeRead More

North Korea Becomes Epicentre for NFT Thefts via 500 Phishing Domains: SlowMist

[ad_1] North Korea’s notorious Lazarous Group, infamous for triggering cyber-attacks, has yet again come under the limelight, for striking the NFT sector with back-to-back strikes. The group of hackers have launched around 500 phishing domains using which, they are duping unsuspecting victims, who are also enthusiastic NFT buyers. The claims against the Lazarous Group haveRead More

Got a new iPhone 14? Do these 7 things first

[ad_1] So you just got a brand new iPhone 14, transferred everything from your old phone, and now you’re ready to play with your shiny new toy. What do you do first? Obviously, you’re going to check out the apps you already have been using on your old iPhone for so long, probably marveling atRead More

Got a new Mac? Do these 10 things first

[ad_1] Got a new Mac? If this is the first one you’ve ever owned, a hearty congratulations! Your new Mac is easy to use and more powerful than it’s ever been. As easy as the Mac is, doing some things may not be instantly obvious, and you owe it to yourself to make sure you’reRead More

43 of the Best Movies on Disney+ Right Now

[ad_1] Watched everything on Netflix? Disney+ has a seemingly endless selection of Marvel movies and plenty of Star Wars and Pixar fare too. Problem is, there’s so much stuff, it’s hard to know where to begin. WIRED is here to help. Below are our picks for the best movies on Disney+ right now. For moreRead More