Covishield vaccine side-effects: 4 new side-effects discovered with the Astrazeneca COVID shot


Side-effects associated with COVID-19 vaccine shots have been widely discussed ever since the vaccines were first pushed into usage. With the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine particularly, side-effects have been a little concerning, with preliminary reports indicating a likelihood of the vaccine causing rare neurological complications and a risk of blood clotting disorders as well.

While the vaccine, backed by a traditionally-used, safer vaccine technology, instructs the immune cells to cause mild ‘flu-like’ reactions in most cases, post-vaccination side-effects with the vaccine, which, marked for use in India as Covishield can also play out differently for every individual. Now, newer reports have highlighted that the vaccine can also cause a host of different symptoms which need to be looked for. With booster vaccine shots also being considered for use, knowing, and being aware of possible side-effects can help a person weigh their risks as well. With more people continue to be jabbed, newer side-effects are also coming into play:


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