FAKE ALERT: Video of Indian jawans collapsing wrongly linked to Covid-19 vaccine


A video showing several Indian army soldiers fainting and collapsing on the floor is being circulated with the claim that they died after being administered Covid-19 vaccine.

It is being claimed that soldiers suffered heart attacks and died after taking Covid-19 vaccine.

In the 22-seconds-long viral video, one can see army personnel attending to soldiers who have fainted and fallen on the ground. Some of the unconscious soldiers are being administered Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Among those sharing the video with this claim is Husain Ahmad, who identifies himself as general secretary of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen, as per his Twitter bio.

The video is from Punjab’s Pathankot where during an organized endurance training activity under the Indian Army’s 9 Corps, one soldier lost his life and many more were critically injured due to extreme weather conditions.
The death and injuries had nothing to do with Covid-19 vaccine.
Using Google Chrome’s InVID extension, we broke the video into keyframes and then ran reverse-image search on them.
This led us to a number of videos posted on YouTube by several news portals having the same visuals.

A video uploaded to YouTube channel Live News Bharat on August 21, 2021 had the same visuals as seen in the viral video above.

Titled ‘Indian Army Jawan Dies Due To Heat Stroke During 9 Corps Recce Competition In Punjab’s Pathankot’, the description given to the video reads, ‘One Indian Army jawan died and some others are in serious condition due to heat stroke during a 9 Corps Recce Competition near Pathankot in hot and humid conditions. The soldiers collapsed and died due to heat stroke and exhaustion.’
Times of India reported about it on August 21, 2021.

“In an organised, supervised and monitored training activity near Pathankot, due to severe weather conditions, there has been one fatal casualty & few individuals admitted in Military Hospital Pathankot. The affected persons are being provided with requisite medical care,” Army officials told news agency ANI.

Times Fact Check has found that a video of an unfortunate incident at Pathankot, where an Indian jawan died and many others collapsed during an endurance run at a training activity, is being shared with false claims to spread anti Covid-19 vaccine narrative.


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