National Nutrition Week 2021: 10 Simple And Easy Tips To Make Your Diet Healthier


National Nutrition Week 2021 is celebrated annually from September 1 to September 7. It is marked to highlight the importance of eating healthy and nutritious. We all know, food plays a major role in our overall lifestyle. What we eat regularly directly impacts our physical and mental health. This is why experts across the world stress on indulging in a clean food habit – with a balance of nutrients in every meal. This brings up a question, what is clean food habit. While nutrient requirements may vary from person to person, there are a few simple tips and tricks that can help us go a long way.

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This National Nutrition Week, we bring you 10 such hacks that can make your diet healthier without much effort. Let’s take a look.

Here Are 10 Simple And Easy Tips To Make Your Diet Healthier:

1. Drink enough water:

Importance of proper hydration needs no introduction. It not only helps keep up the water balance in our body, but also boosts metabolism, gut health and digestion – further promoting immunity and nourishment.


Drink enough water throughout the day for better performance

2. Eat wholesome breakfast:

Breakfast is deemed the most important meal of the day. Literally meaning breaking the fast, a wholesome morning meal refuels you with energy after night-long fasting. This subsequently, helps us kick-start the day.


This breakfast is easy to make

3. Eat seasonal vegetables:

Every season brings along a host of vegetables that are loaded with several essential nutrients. Adding those vegetables in our daily diet may help immune us against several seasonal diseases.


Adding enough fibre to diet can help prevent constipation

4. Load up on fruits:

Fruits are considered superfood. They are light, fulfilling and low in calorie, making it an ideal snack to munch on in between meals.


Add fibre-rich foods to diet and avoid refines products

5. Reduce gap between meals:

If you thought starving may help you lose weight, then you are absolutely mistaken. Experts across the world suggest, it is always good to have smaller portion of meal in every 3-4 hours. This helps you digest food easily and regulate metabolism. These factors further help prevent bloating, acidity et al.

6. Avoid junk foods:

We love pizzas, burgers and fries. Don’t we? But the excess fat in each of these foods lead to different types of lifestyle diseases- obesity being one major issue. This is why it is always recommended to avoid these fatty, greasy foods as much possible; and load up on healthy alternatives instead.

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7. Avoid sugary drinks:

We agree keeping our body hydrated is the most important part of healthy diet. But that doesn’t mean we can load up on colas, readymade juices, sodas et al. These drinks include high amount of sugar, which (like junk foods) lead to lifestyle problems like diabetes, obesity and more.

8. Include healthy carbs and fats:

While excess carbs and fats lead to several health issues, it can’t also be denied that healthy carbs and fats are much needed to keep up a nutrient balance in our body. So, experts suggest inclusion of whole grain, fish etc in our diet to include these nutrients in the healthies way possible.


9. Moderate exercise:

Exercise also plays an important role in healthy diet habit. Moderate exercise, brisk walking etc are important to help regulate metabolism and digest food.


10. Proper sleep:

Another important factor affecting our diet is sleep. Studies have shown adequate amount sleep actually have positive effects on what we eat every day. Good amount of sleep helps rest our body, which further help us make the most of the nutrients we eat.

Follow these simple steps for healthy living. However, it is always suggested to consult an expert before including any change in our lifestyle.

Eat healthy, stay fit!


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