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From now onwards, customers will have to shell out more money for buying detergents and soaps as the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) giant, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has increased the prices of its products in the laundry and body-cleansing categories.

HUL has hiked prices of detergents and soap bars by anywhere between 3.5 to 14 percent in the past month. The price of wheel detergent for both the one kilogram and 500-gram packs is said to hike at around 3.5 percent, which in turn will increase 1-2 rupees in both packets.  With this hike, the 500-gram packet will now cost Rs 29 against Rs 28, the one kilogram will cost Rs 58 against Rs 56-57.

Meanwhile, for Rin detergent powder, customers will have to shell out Rs 82 against Rs 77 for the one-kilo packet.

Besides that, the company has also lessened grammage for the smaller packs. For example, the Rs 10 pack of Rin detergent used to weigh 150 grams, which is now reduced to 130 grams.
Even products like Surf Excel have seen a surge in prices which is almost Rs 14 hike in one-kilogram packet.

Even soap bars like Lux and Lifebuoy have seen a price hike of 8-12 percent. For example, a 100 gram, 5-in-1 pack of Lux, which earlier cost Rs 120, will now cost Rs 128-130. 

HUL has always increased the prices of various products ranging from tea to detergents. 

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