Technology will play a bigger role: Kumble


The leg-spinner believes that the sport’s dependence on data is likely to increase.

Former India captain and head coach Anil Kumble felt that analytics and data intelligence in the sport is going to play a bigger role going forward especially in the shorter formats of the game like T20 and The Hundred.

“I think the shorter the game, the sort of influence that data will have will be more and more. The dependence on data is far more in putting together a squad, strategies and match-ups. And we keep talking about match-ups and that’s how you build a strategy around teams, so that will be the driving factor,” said Kumble.

India’s highest Test wicket-taker was speaking at a panel discussion on Building Competitive Advantage through Sports Analytics and Data Intelligence, organised by Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, with Deakin University South Asia.

The 50-year-old who is currently the head coach of IPL side Punjab Kings, also added that players will need to adapt to new technologies and data if they don’t want to be left behind.

“I know that we are still sort of having that debate over, is this too much technology in sport or should I just go back to my own belief of ‘I just watch the ball and hit the ball’?

“Yes, that’s a simple way. But then I think, if you don’t sort of adapt to technology that’s coming in and use that technology for the good of the game, I think people will be left behind,” he added.


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