Things that people with adult ADHD do


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common problem amongst people nowadays. If you frequently lose your keys, forget your stuff to bring to the office, are late etc. chances are high that you have ADHD. According to researches, about 10 million people have this disorder while approximately only 15-20% of people getting officially diagnosed with it. This disorder is very much relevant but people often ignore this as part of daily forgetfulness. In account of this, here are some things people with adult ADHD do.

– You never think twice before buying that luxury bag or the extra golf accessories. You buy it instantly just because it has caught your eye. You’re never aware of the consequences.

– You forget the most important things, even if you have them marked as a reminder.

– You love to delay your tasks to the very last minute because you’re simply not interested in completing them.

– You keep losing your things frequently, no matter how much you try to be attentive. Car keys? You’ll never find them when you want to.

– Your home is as messy as ever because the word ‘organised’ is not even in your vocabulary. Forget keeping things in order.

– You are always easily distracted. It’s very hard to keep your concentration level at par when there are a thousand things you’re interested in.

– You just can’t stay put and listen to others when they talk about their life, relationships or problems to you. And so, you are eventually considered to be an ignorant person.

– You get frustrated quite easily. Handling tough situations is almost a nightmare for you.

– You just have no filter. You blurt things out, keeping no respect for someone’s privacy.

– You are absolutely reckless. You drive rashly, take decisions impulsively without thinking twice and it mostly leads to harsh consequences. Yet, you still don’t try to rectify it.

– You can’t wait for people to turn up. If someone’s not on time, you will leave. You will huff and puff and leave in anger!

These are some of the common things people with ADHD do. Most people will say that it’s simply the negative aspect of their personality, but in all honesty, it’s actually a mental disorder. This should require adequate diagnosis and treatment from professionals or these situations will continue to affect relationships, work, life and mental balance.

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